Surround Sound Headphones

Whether you want to totally immerse yourself in an action movie, experience every nuance of your most cherished tracks, or reach a new level of alertness in your favorite video game, Sennheiser’s surround sound headphones will bring you closer to your audio than ever before.

Step into the World of Cinema-quality Surround Sound

The history of surround sound is deeply connected with the cinema. It was first developed all the way back in 1940 to create a revolutionary audio experience for Disney’s musical animation Fantasia. Back then, hardware was king and the only way to get immersive sound was to place speakers all over the theatre.

With Sennheiser surround sound headphones, you can experience that same level of immersion without redecorating your house and terrifying your neighbors. Harness the power of cinema-quality surround sound, right in your headphones.

Sennheiser Surround Sound Dolby Headphones: A Revolution in Audio Immersion

The brightest audio engineers and sharpest technology developers have made quantum leaps in the quality and accessibility of surround sound – giving you fully-immersive 3D sound in your Sennheiser surround headphones.

Software Surround Sound

Instead of requiring 7 speakers and a subwoofer in the perfect position, Sennheiser virtual surround sound headphones can realistically simulate a 7.1 set up with advanced software.

Our brains recognize the direction of sound by a few qualities: which ear hears it first, how far away it sounds, how the sound changes as it travels. By employing clever audio engineering, all these attributes can be tweaked by your surround sound headphones to provide you with an unrivalled listening experience that sounds just like real life.

Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement

Take 70 years of experience developing the most advanced audio hardware, combine that with the most modern and sophisticated software, and what do you get? Sennheiser’s Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R.), an innovation in enhanced listening technology.

Sennheiser’s surround sound headphones come with legendary transducers that channel the sound right into your ears. This provides not only the most comfortable listening experience imaginable, but also brings you closer to your audio than you’ve ever been before.

How can Surround Sound Headphones Enrich Your Listening?

Besides being a miracle of modern engineering, Sennheiser surround sound headphones deliver a range of benefits for every listening experience.

  • Complete privacy: When you’re immersing yourself in your music, you shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or everyone else on the bus. Sennheiser surround sound headphones give you cinema-quality sound without blasting speakers into your surroundings. Try our noise-canceling headphones, specially designed for audiophiles on the move.
  • Ultra-realistic spatial sound: Experience your movies, video games and music like never before with advanced Sennheiser Dolby headphones. Let our audio equipment surprise you with natural spatial performance. Simply put your headphones over your ears, close your eyes and let the audio build a new world around you.
  • Unique customization: Everyone’s preferences are different. By introducing surround sound into your headphones, you also increase your options to customize your listening experience. Take customization to the next level with our surround sound headphones, developed by industry experts and researchers to provide unmatched audio personalization for every unique listener.

Discover how Sennheiser’s range of surround sound Dolby headphones can bring you an unrivalled listening experience.

Immersive Home Entertainment with Surround Sound Headphones

You don’t need an expensive home cinema to get the most advanced entertainment experience. All you need is a pair of Sennheiser to take you into the world of whatever you’re watching.

Hear your favorite superhero cutting through the wind as they fly right past your ears or turn to the exact location of the waves crashing against your ship right before it sinks. Watching blockbuster movies will never be the same once you upgrade your home entertainment system with Sennheiser surround sound headphones.

Feel the Rhythm in Your Bones with Surround Sound Music

You can’t beat the feeling of a live concert – but nothing comes quite as close as Sennheiser surround sound headphones. Harness the power of Dolby surround sound and bring your favorite bands right into your living room with advanced spatial audio.

Discover all the intimate details of your favorite tracks with our range of , trusted by studio engineers all over the world.

Surround Sound Headphones for Extreme Gaming Experiences

When you’re facing tough competition in a high-stakes, high-velocity multiplayer match-up, you need the greatest audio engineering on your team. With Sennheiser surround sound headphones, you’ll be able to pinpoint the location of incoming footsteps, opening doors and any other valuable intel on the virtual battlefield.

Maybe you want to experience the fantasy worlds of your favorite role-playing games in all their rich detail. Put on a pair of Sennheiser surround sound headphones and feel every decibel of your adventures.

Discover the Range of Sennheiser Surround Sound Headphones

Whatever you’re listening to, with Sennheiser surround sound headphones you’ll hear it the way it was supposed to be heard. Discover our versatile range of headphones for audiophiles of every type today.

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