Meet the Presenters

Dave Missall

David Missall is an expert in the field of RF wireless technology. As Manager of Customer Development & Application Engineering for the Americas, David and his team consults prominent news and sports broadcasters, theaters and live music stages on multi-channel wireless installations and events, system design, frequency coordination and microphone application. Among others, David has provided wireless solutions and troubleshooting support for CNN, ESPN, NBC Studios NYC, Fox Sports, Speed Channel Univision, Televisa, WWE and Turner Sports.

David is a member of the Sennheiser Global RF Expert program, which is a company-wide network of Sennheiser RF application engineers that support customers throughout the world.

Andrew Kornstein

Andrew is a member of Sennheiser's Customer Development and Application Engineering team and part of the Sennheiser RF Expert program. Prior to working for Sennheiser, Andrew served as a technical director for a megachurch in Kansas City. His background is primarily live production, and regularly trains and consults industry professionals in Broadcast, Theater and Install markets on advanced mic'ing techniques and RF theory and application.

Brian Walker

Brian Walker started in broadcasting in the mid 1970's working for radio stations as an on-air talent. After graduating from Oregon State University, he moved into the engineering side of broadcasting and spent over 16 years maintaining and building radio and television stations in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. In 1995, he accepted a position selling broadcast audio and video equipment in Portland, Oregon and worked closely designing and integrating HD upgrades for TV stations and even built a new TV station from the ground up.

In 2012, Brian moved his skills in RF and Audio to Sennheiser's Technical Services Division where he now provides support to Broadcast and Touring organizations for Wireless Mic Frequencies and gives seminars and training sessions on RF theory and application. He also supports co-workers and dealers with multi-channel RF system designs for wireless microphones.

Greg Simon

Greg Simon is a member of Sennheiser’s Customer Development and Application Engineering team for the Americas region. Greg has a degree in Music Production and Engineering from Berklee College of Music. He has been designing audio and wireless microphone systems in the Pro Audio industry for over 14 years. Projects include full A/V system design and project management for large scale clubs, recording studios, house of worship and corporate environments. Greg has also begun training in the Sennheiser global RF expert program. This program specializes on wireless microphone technologies and application.

Michel Morissette

Is a graduated electronic technician (DEC) with over 30 years of experience in the professional audio industry. His fields of competences include stage & live events, installed sound, broadcast applications and audio recording studios. During is career, he has worked as a field service technician, service manager, product manager and technical consultant. He joined Sennheiser Canada in 2001, and since 2003, his primary functions are dedicated to RF applications. He has followed several factory trainings and has gained a lot of experience by designing several large-scale RF systems, including RF coordination in many parts of the world for Cirque du Soleil, Céline Dion, Franco Dragone and IBM amongst others.

Thom Salisbury

Thom Salisbury is an industry veteran having worked in various roles in the audio industry for 30+ years. Thom has been with Sennheiser for 15 years. He studied RF technology, and has designed numerous wireless systems for churches, schools, and corporate customers. He did the RF design and commissioning of the re-built Larry King/Piers Morgan studios at CNN in LA. Thom quickly became the go-to guy on the West Coast for wireless system advice and training. His close relationships with top TV/Film/Broadcast/Live Sound engineers has gained him a trusted reputation for quick help in tricky RF situations. He is the proud recipient of two Emmy Awards. One for his help on the 81st Annual Academy Awards, and another for the American Idol Finale show in 2010. He is currently completing Sennheiser’s course in RF Expert training, has completed Dante Level 3 training, and is a member of the Customer Development Applications Engineering team.

Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips is an expert in audio DSP programming and control. He has spent 17 years in the industry working in Product Management, Market Development, and Project Engineering roles after graduating with a degree in Commercial Music Business from Missouri Western State University. His integration experience has extended to all phases of project work including system design, programming, and final commissioning for large venues and multiple Fortune 500 corporate clients. Chris is currently enrolled in Sennheiser’s Global RF Experts program and works on the Customer Development & Application Engineering team for Sennheiser for the Americas.