Available Courses

  • Sennheiser RF Sound Academy

    • Duration: 7 hours
      CTS Accreditation: 7 RU

      The Sennheiser RF Wireless Sound Academy teaches how to plan for trouble-free operation in the toughest environments. Learn how to use multi-channel wireless microphones and wireless monitoring systems, or enhance your existing knowledge of these complex RF systems. The RF seminar features classroom instruction on the following:

      I. Waves and Frequencies
      2. Modulation
      3. Frequency Selection and Frequency Coordination
      4. System Configuration
      5. Antennas
      6. In-Ear Monitoring
      7. Computer Monitoring, Control and Networking

  • Essentials of RF

    • Duration: 3 hours

      With the recent introductions of new federal regulations and spectrum reallocation, setup and operation of multi-channel wireless systems is now more challenging than ever. In this 3 hour course, we’ll discuss some of the most important principles of RF to ensure maximum stability and reliability, even in some of the harshest RF environments.

  • Audio for Video

    • Duration: 2 hours

      In this course, we’ll discuss some of the most common methods of sound capture in both ENG and Film applications, including mic selection, lavalier placement, shotgun mics, and wireless frequency coordination.