Sennheiser at Art Basel

The Vision of the Future of Art and Audio


This is where the future of audio is being shaped right now - places that are full of music and great sound. It’s where people who love to innovate and experiment are drawn. Where they treat themselves and others to phenomenal audio experiences. “Places” invites you to take a look behind the scenes at these “places to be” in audio, from remarkable music clubs, to legendary recording studios and even art and audio conventions.

Art, music and excellence all converge at Art Basel. The fair has been presenting trendsetting artists for over 40 years now. For the first time, Sennheiser will be there with its “Shape the Future of Audio” vision and trend-setting products. It will also present its new art program.

  • Author: Simon E. Fuchs
  • Photos: Sennheiser
„Where true audio leadership can be heard.“

Music is art, and art can move people. Many artists produce innovative creations that show how they explore new frontiers. Sennheiser is also constantly seeking out new ways of expanding the limits of what's possible through its products. And what better place to put a finger on the pulse of art than at Art Basel?

“The artists should experiment with audio, music and sound and convey their message persuasively. Audio has been treated shabbily in the art world, probably because it is hard to exhibit. We would like to encourage young artists to tackle this difficult field,” Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser, says of the new art program the company is launching at Art Basel.

Sennheiser will exhibit its newest products on three continents: In March at Art Basel in Hong Kong, in June at Art Basel in Switzerland and in December at Art Basel in Miami – places where "True Audio Leadership" can be heard. Sennheiser is extending an invitation to the ultimate sound experience.

The kickoff for Sennheiser’s creative art year will be at Art Basel in Hong Kong. Sennheiser will be represented here with an exclusive and artfully designed booth.

The booth itself is a work of art. The outer wall is decorated with a collage comprised of white details from select Sennheiser products. Elaborately presented thumbnails illustrate Sennheiser’s love for detail. The white soundwave design on the outer shell provides a preview of the pure sound and timeless beauty that awaits visitors inside.

The booth’s artistry isn’t just mirrored in the booth’s architecture. It is also furnished with design classics. In addition, videos will be shown of diverse art projects sponsored by Sennheiser. Well-known sound artists will present their projects and discuss their visions for the music of tomorrow. Visitors will be transported away from visual arts to the future of the audio world.

Inside the booth, selects guests can listen and find out for themselves why Sennheiser is a leader in audio. Guests enter a darkened room, enabling them to focus their senses exclusively on the listening experience. The products being demonstrated here will define the future of the audio world and will provide visitors with an Ultimate Audio Moment. They include the HE 1 headphone and the AMBEO®-3D sound system. It’s a preview of New Ways of Listening – an Ultimate Sound Experience.

Sennheiser AMBEO®-3D Audio booth
„With HE 1, Sennheiser has redefined the limits of audiophile sound.“

With HE 1, Sennheiser has redefined the limits of audiophile sound. As the successor to the world’s best headphone, 1991’s legendary Orpheus, it creates a new standard for headphones and provides listeners with the Ultimate Sound Experience.

The headphones are not the only thing that will guarantee visitors an unforgettable experience inside the booth. Sennheiser is also presenting technologies relating to AMBEO®-3D audio. This groundbreaking technology enables the recording and playback of audio at the highest possible level of quality. AMBEO®-3D audio is the future of audio technology and provides the listener with an entirely new listening experience. In addition to placing the listener right in the middle of the music, it also makes it possible to discern the arrangement and the level of detail the musicians and producers have put into the recording.

In addition, other forward-looking products, like the HD 800 S headphones, the MOMENTUM Wireless and the HD 630 VB headphones, will also be shown at the Sennheiser booth at Art Basel Hong Kong. Microphones, like the SKM 9000 and the Neumann U 47, will also be on display.

Diverse sound artists, like Switzerland’s Zimoun, will create special immersive sound installation that visitors to Art Basel in Basel will be able to listen to. Zimoun’s work includes installations and sound sculptures, most of which are based on the interplay between mechanics, movement and physically generated sounds. By doing so, he creates graceful works of poetic playfulness using mechanical chords that are both simple and complex, the result of repetition and subtle variations, routine and random.

A visit to Sennheiser at Art Basel in Hong Kong connects the future of music with the future of art.