RS 165 - Frequently asked questions


  • Which of the 4 digital wireless headphone systems is best for me?

    • The following table will assist you in selecting the Sennheiser wireless headphone system that best suits your needs.

      * 2 pairs of headphones can be connected simultaneously. In this case, however, the "personal hearing enhancement" function cannot be used.

  • Which country adapters are supplied with the RS 165?

    • The RS 165 is supplied complete with a power supply unit with plug adapters for Europe, the UK, the USA and Australia.

  • How do I best connect the transmitter to my audio device?

    • You can connect the transmitter to your audio device using an analog connection. The connections for audio devices are usually labeled "AUDIO OUT". An audio cable is supplied with the RS 165.

  • How can I connect the transmitter to my AV receiver?

    • Connect the transmitter via an analog audio output ("AUDIO OUT") to the AV receiver.

  • I have several wireless devices at home (e.g. WiFi router, cordless telephone); will they interfere with my wireless headphone system?

    • The headphone system uses automatic frequency management to ensure the best possible radio transmission for the RS 165 and optimum co-existence with other wireless devices within its vicinity.

  • Can I use several wireless headphone systems in close proximity?

    • Yes, you can use several wireless headphone systems in parallel (minimum distance between two systems: 0.5 m). What matters is that the headphones/receiver and the transmitter are paired with each other and connected.

  • Can I use other Sennheiser wireless headphones (e.g. RS 11x series, RS 12x series, RS 160, RS 170, RS 180, RS 220) together with the RS 165 headphone system?

    • You can use the HDR 165, HDR 175 and HDR 185 headphones with an RS 165 transmitter. Other Sennheiser wireless headphones (e.g. RS 11x series, RS 12x series, RS 160, RS 170, RS 180, RS 220) are not compatible with the RS 165 and cannot be used.

  • Which rechargeable batteries can be used to operate the headphones?

    • The RS 165 headphone system is supplied complete with high-quality low self-discharge rechargeable batteries (AAA size, 1.2 V, 820 mAh). You can also use non-rechargeable AAA batteries. Note that if you are using non-rechargeable batteries, you must not place the headphones on the charging contacts of the transmitter’s headphone holder.

  • Why does the first charging cycle of the rechargeable batteries take longer?

    • The first charging cycle takes longer (up to 16 hours) because it is used to determine the maximum capacity of the rechargeable batteries. The intelligent battery charging technology charges the rechargeable batteries both effectively and gently. After initial charging, a complete charging cycle takes up to 8.5 hours. During charging, the Charge status LED on the transmitter lights up red. When the rechargeable batteries are fully charged, the Charge status LED lights up green.


  • Why are my TV’s internal loudspeakers muted when I connect the wireless headphone system using the analog cable?

    • This should only be the case if the RS 165 transmitter is connected to the (analog) headphone socket of your TV. Some TV models mute the internal loudspeakers as soon as a headphone jack is inserted. Check the menu of your TV to see if and how the internal loudspeakers can be unmuted. Alternatively, you can connect the transmitter using the audio connection "AUDIO OUT" (if available).

  • Can I use several headphones/receivers with one RS 165 transmitter?

    • You can use up to two HDR 165, HDR 175 or HDR 185 headphones with one transmitter. This allows, for example, you and your partner to listen at different volume levels. Individual headphones/receivers are available separately from your Sennheiser partner. When simultaneously using different types of headphones (e.g. an HDR 165 and an HDR 185), bear in mind that they will differ in both sound characteristics and operation.

  • What can I do if the volume is very low?

    • This should only be the case if the RS 165 transmitter is connected to the (analog) headphone socket of your TV/audio device. In this case, make sure that the volume of your TV/audio device or the volume of the headphone socket on your TV/audio device is adjusted to at least a medium level.

  • Are there special instructions for battery maintenance?

    • No, the transmitter’s intelligent battery charging technology ensures that the rechargeable batteries are always charged to their optimum capacity and the battery life span is maximized. When not using the wireless headphone system for extended periods of time (several months), it is recommended that you remove the rechargeable batteries and store them in a dry place at room temperature.

  • When I remove the headphones from the headphone holder of the transmitter, the transmitter’s Charge status LED flashes green. What does the flashing mean?

    • The flashing Charge status LED on the transmitter indicates the approximate operating time of the headphones:


  • What can I do if my wireless headphone system does not work properly?

    • Read the chapter "If a problem occurs ..." in the instruction manual, as it contains solutions to the most common issues and problems:

  • Which spare parts are available for my wireless headphone system?

    • Information on accessories and spare parts can be found on the product page in the section “Accessories”.

  • How can I contact the Sennheiser Service department?

    • Contact information of your Sennheiser service partner can be found here: