The Professional Wireless Range

Exceeding expectations. Making the impossible possible.

The demands on audio professionals are constantly evolving: more channels, bigger stages, more complex RF conditions, faster setup. And no compromises, ever. Our wireless transmission expertise helps audio professionals meet these challenges each and every day.

“Let us worry about the technology. Just listen.”

In order to make the best wireless systems, we measure, we test, and we listen. Through decades of partnerships with top audio professionals, our dedicated engineers have learned what it takes to make a difference on the biggest stages in the world. Our microphones are sweat-proof. You can have all the channels you need. And our systems work smoothly.

We are proud to say the Professional Wireless Range was developed with you and designed for you.

2000 Series

Industry standard audio quality, robustness and flexibility are the fundamental principles of the 2000 series.

  • Selectable transmission power for stability and reliability even on the largest stages
  • The benchmark standard in wireless monitoring
  • Budget friendly and easy to scale

5000 Series

The 5000 Series combines legendary quality and reliability, with award-winning audio transmission and compact and robust design.

  • Ultra-compact bodypack transmitter with excellent audio and RF performance
  • Elegant and lightweight handheld microphone with a wide range of capsules
  • Wideband 184 MHz frequency agility
  • Integrated active antenna distribution for multi-channel systems

Digital 6000

Intermodulation-free work meets smart user experience: Digital 6000 creates room for more channels—without trade-offs in transmission power or quality.

  • More channels even in congested frequency ranges
  • Intermodulation-free transmitter design
  • Enormous compatibility and range of capsules
  • Two Dante™ sockets

Digital 9000

Our wireless masterpiece. Unprecedented audio quality and performance. Digital 9000 offers world-class, uncompressed transmission, stunning dynamics and purity of sound. No loss, no coloration, just true sound.

  • The only system to offer true uncompressed wireless UHF audio transmission
  • True Bit diversity with predictive algorithms to avoid audio dropouts in harsh RF environments
  • Maximum spectral efficiency, accommodating up to 40 channels in 24 MHz.
  • Dedicated 9000 series capsules with revolutionary shock mount design, offering high rejection and very low handling noise

Outstanding quality for those who won’t settle for anything less

Back in the early days of multi-channel wireless, signal quality and reliability were our greatest challenges. Each new system we developed had to not only exceed own high standards – it had to exceed the demands of New York’s Broadway shows and deliver consistent sound quality, with absolutely no dropouts. This is the promise we keep – from every little component, in all design details and with user friendly software. This is our commitment to the thousands of artists, sound technicians and companies who place their trust in Sennheiser wireless each and every day.

Outstanding quality for those who won’t settle for anything less

You can count on Sennheiser

Don’t just look at the price, look at quality and durability. Equipment doesn’t just have to sound good, it should be a smart investment. The Professional Wireless Range has been developed to withstand years of the toughest stage and tour conditions. Our wireless systems can be readily integrated into a wide range of technical environments, and can be scaled as requirements evolve. With broad compatibility of components such as our antenna systems, lavalier mics and capsules, the Professional Wireless Range also extends the life of your existing kit.

You can count on Sennheiser

Ready for anything, anywhere.

The Professional Wireless Range is ready for your challenge: Designed to fulfill frequency requirements for over 170 countries. Transformer-balanced outputs, AES3 with an external word clock synchronization, network-compatibility, remote control and monitoring. The Professional Wireless Range fits smoothly into digital or analog workflows, and enhances any technical environment. Our highly developed antenna systems can deal with complex, multi-channel applications.

Ready for anything, anywhere.

Would you like us to recommend a solution?

Our audio experts have developed solutions for all stages in the world, and are ready to put that expertise to work for you. No question is too small. No challenge is too big. Our specialists are always eager to listen, to learn and to push the limits of what is possible. Get in touch to explore the possibilities of the Professional Wireless Range.

Would you like us to recommend a solution?

A broadcast masterpiece.

Sennheiser’s best performing analogue and digital receiver systems in one compact pack. The EK6042 two-channel camera receiver handles analogue and digital transmitters simultaneously.

EK 6042

Demystifying digital wireless microphones

Here you find the recording of our webinar, in which our own industry expert David Missall explores the advantages and disadvantages, potential trade-offs and everything else you need to know about digital wireless systems.

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