Meet the ultimate street edition of URBANITE

High fidelity meets high individuality. Design meets function. An enormous club sound that goes anywhere.

Sennheiser and Swiss bag and accessory manufacturer FREITAG introduce the ultimate street-ready edition of Sennheiser’s URBANITE headphones. The F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG models are individually tailored in the FREITAG house style: featuring customized headbands with the brand’s trademark recycled tarpaulin finish, each pair of headphones uses an entirely unique piece of material. For a complete, individualized look on the move, each unit is accompanied by a robust case, manufactured from the same swatch of tarpaulin featured on the headbands.

Award winning design

As a true URBANITE model, the special edition still delivers an intense club sound on the move – serving up massive bass but with Sennheiser’s uncompromising audio expertise ensuring excellent clarity across all frequencies. Staying connected is a breeze with in-line remotes and integrated microphones for taking calls and controlling music. The URBANITE’s streetwise styling comes with toughness to match. The on-ear headphones feature durable metal components that can take on the pressures of urban live, and are designed to cleverly fold away into the FREITAG-designed carry case.

The F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG bundle is available since the 1st December in all FREITAG stores, at selected FREITAG dealers and at www.freitag.ch.

Award winning design

Key Features

  • Sennheiser’s URBANITE on-ear headphone featuring a unique FREITAG recycled tarpaulin headband and a robust case made from the same swatch of tarpaulin
  • Detachable cable with 3-button remote control and integrated microphone
  • Bass-heavy sound yet with clear treble
  • Built of tough durable materials including premium stainless steel hinges and aluminium sliders

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