Over-ear headphones: surround yourself in sound

With over-ear headphones from Sennheiser, you can enjoy rich and detailed sound. Either as wired or wireless headphones, over-ear models create a protected, secure space around the whole ear, giving your music the soundstage it deserves. Sennheiser over-ear headphones not only look stylish but are also extremely comfortable to wear. Find out more about our over-ear headphones and get ready for the legendary Sennheiser sound.

What are the advantages of over-ear headphones?

With ear pads made from real soft leather, synthetic leather or even suede, the fit of Sennheiser’s over-ear headphones is incredibly comfortable, ensuring maximum listening pleasure even when worn for long periods of time. Over-ear headphones are available in either an acoustically closed or open design. Some closed models are equipped with Sennheiser's state-of-the-art NoiseGard® technology which almost completely suppresses ambient noise – handy if you want to enjoy your music in busy places. Sennheiser’s over-ear headphones also offer the following benefits:

  • Sound waves can move freely within the ear cups to create a spatially differentiated sound
  • Natural voice reproduction as air can circulate between the ear cups and the diaphragm.
  • Stylish and long-lasting due to their high-quality materials

Wired or wireless over-ear headphones?

Sennheiser over-ear headphone range includes both wired and wireless models. Regardless of which type you prefer, both models incorporate Sennheiser’s pioneering technologies. When choosing between wired and wireless over-ear headphones, personal taste is the deciding factor. Wired over-ear headphones are often believed to deliver a better sound quality compared to wireless models in the same price category. On the other hand, wireless over-ear headphones are often a necessity for on-the-go users. The main advantages of wired headphones are the lower price and slightly better sound quality – however, the difference in sound is so small as to be hardly noticeable.

Wireless headphones, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility. Whether you’re doing sports, at work, or on the move, there’s no cable to get in the way. In addition, Sennheiser’s wireless over-ear headphones are equipped with practical features such as:

  • Powerful rechargeable batteries for long battery life
  • Triple microphone array for easy communication with voice assistants
  • Smart Pause allowing you to pause music by taking off headphones
  • Sennheiser Smart Control App providing effortless sound control and personalization

Sennheiser offers a wide range of over-ear headphones for almost every situation and lifestyle. Open or closed, wired or wireless with Bluetooth®, headphones for gaming or home stereo systems – you decide which model suits you best.

What are open, semi-open and closed headphones?

Customers can choose between three types of over-ear headphones: open, semi-open and closed. The most suitable model for you is entirely dependable on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Headphones are our faithful companions in many daily activities: listening to music at home, commuting to work, or performing live on a stage as a DJ. Which headphone fits your lifestyle the best?

Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones reduce unwanted background noise for your listening comfort. They also offer the following features:

  • Advantages

    • - The enclosed space amplifies bass tones. Their deep and powerful bass makes
      them particularly suited to hip-hop and electronic music.
      - The headphones sit firmly and securely on the head.
      - The design is meant to totally block outside noise – perfect while traveling in a busy environment.
      - They require less power than other types of over-ear headphones.

  • Disadvantages

    • - Due to the closed housing, the natural sound might be hindered.
      - After several hours of continuous use, some discomfort to the ears might occur as they get heated up.

Open-back headphones

Open-back models are particularly suitable for enjoying music in a quiet environment or for mixing and mastering in the recording studio. The open-back design allows air to travel in and out of the speaker chamber. The sound is therefore more natural compared to closed over-ear headphones. A trained ear will especially appreciate the quality of the sound’s spatial representation.

Open over-ear headphones also offer good heat dissipation and are very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, especially as on some models the ear pads are replaceable with ones more suitable to your own requirements.

Semi-open headphones

Existing between open- and closed-back headphones, semi-open headphones feature qualities of both designs. Thanks to their construction, semi-open headphones offer some sound isolation while also reducing heat buildup, as air is still able to circulate.

The sound of semi-open headphones is well-balanced preserving a natural audio flow, and their particular design also provides some soundproofing, combining the best of both worlds.

Which Sennheiser over-ear headphones are right for me?

There is no right or wrong answer; every pair of Sennheiser over-ear headphones ensures that signature Sennheiser sound. To identify the best over-ear headphones for you, use the filter function to suit your needs. Filter by:

  • Audiophile
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Home & TV Audio
  • Professional Headphones & Headsets

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