On-Ear Headphones

Like the sound of “full-size" headphones but wished they were a bit lighter? Then, Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones are your ideal choice - they deliver high-quality sound in a compact and comfortable design.

On-ear headphones are the perfect mix of comfort and sound.

On-ear headphones are a practical all-rounder: light, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable to wear for a long time. They provide high fidelity sound neatly packaged in a compact design. On-ear headphones are made for people on the go: with in-line remote controls and a foldable design, these models are perfect for travel in their sturdy case.

Check out the many features of Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones and find the right pair for you.

What are on-ear headphones?

On-ear headphones - like - sit directly against your ears. The headphone cups are somewhat smaller than over-ear headphones, and although this might lead to higher noise leakage, Sennheiser’s signature high-quality audio won’t let you down. On-ear headphones are extremely comfortable to travel with, since they are very light compared to the over-ear model. In addition, Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones are also foldable, making them smaller and even easier to transport, ideal for sound lovers on the go.

Advantages of on-ear headphones

On-ear headphones offer several advantages compared to their bigger and smaller “siblings” - over-ear headphones and - and thus represent the optimal compromise:

  • Powerful: Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones deliver the same powerful sound of full-size headphones - but in a handy design.
  • Compact: On-ear headphones are designed to be easy to transport, in fact the foldable model can disappear quickly into a small bag when needed. They are light and compact, making it possible to enjoy high-quality audio wherever you are.
  • Comfortable: The design of Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones means the cups do not press too hard on the ears, and the ear pads are made out of a soft material to enable long and comfortable use.
  • Perfect fit: The undoubted benefit of on-ear headphones is the absence of a foreign body in your ear like with earbuds. Thanks to the headband, these models offer support without constantly slipping.
  • Wireless: Sennheiser offers , as well as on-ear headphones with both choices - a Bluetooth or a wired option. Either way you can enjoy full freedom of movement!

Do on-ear headphones fit your lifestyle?

Due to their compact design, on-ear headphones are the best choice to enjoy music on the go. Whether at work, while commuting or travelling, on-ear headphones are bound to give you that easy access to your favorite tune with zero fuss: quickly put them on and take them off, let them hang loosely around your neck or fold them neatly in your bag. The choice is yours.
On-ear headphones also provide a perfect balance of comfort and quality: enjoy that signature Sennheiser high-quality sound from the comfort of your home without changing device. Come in from work and sit on your couch with the headphones still on. The on-ear models include the high-performing MOMENTUM technology with award-winning foldable design to deliver the same audio experience as full-size, over-ear headphones.
For more freedom of movement, these on-ear headphones adapt to you and your lifestyle.

On-ear headphones for sport

Do you think earbuds are the only option to listen to music during sport? Think again. On-ear headphones ensure an optimal audio experience with maximal comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic headband, the headphones sit perfectly on your head also during movement, whether jogging or weight training.
We recommend Bluetooth on-ear headphones for extra freedom of movement without any annoying cables. For even more comfort and water protection during sweaty activities, head over to our sport headphones section. To each their own!

On-ear headphones for watching TV

You’ll be surprised to know that many solutions feature headphones that are actually on-ear models. The reason being their wearing comfort is ideal for long nights in front of the TV and undisturbed enjoyment of movie marathons. To provide you with just that little extra comfort, you’ll find in-line and separate controls for volume and TV channels, and an extra-long cable for the clearest reproduction of sound.

Sennheiser’s high-quality on-ear headphones

Whether for listening to music or making phone calls, wired or with Bluetooth - Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones are your ideal travel companion. Here’s what you get ...

  • … practical, foldable on-ear headphones with an elegant and timeless design.
  • … Sennheiser’s signature audio quality at its finest.
  • … active noise-canceling for a first-class, uninterrupted audio experience.
  • … protective case to go with your on-ear headphones for easy transport.
  • … two-year warranty to ensure maximum protection and long-lasting Sennheiser quality.

Discover the diverse range of Sennheiser’s on-ear headphones in our online shop today!

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