Noise-canceling headphones

Rediscover the joy of traveling. With headphones featuring NoiseGard®, Sennheiser’s proprietary active noise-cancelling technology, you can listen to your favorite music or audio books in peace, even in the noisiest of environments.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are equipped with active noise-canceling technology. This actively reduces background noise and lets you enjoy your favorite music without interruption. Find out more about the features and benefits of Sennheiser’s noise-canceling headphones now.

Benefits of noise-canceling headphones

Sennheiser’s range of headphones with active noise cancellation offer you the following benefits:

  • Protection against hearing damage: Loud background noise often tempts headphone users to turn up their music to mask the noise. However, this can cause permanent hearing damage. With active noise-canceling headphones, you avoid this risk. Thanks to active noise cancellation, you can listen to music at comfortable volumes and protect your hearing.
  • Uninterrupted listening pleasure on the move: Noise-canceling headphones are particularly suitable for noisy environments where you’d like to have peace and quiet while listening – such as on a flight or a train journey. ANC technology filters out the low tones of engine noise, so you can enjoy your favourite band or audiobook undisturbed while traveling.
  • Increased concentration: Concentrate at work without being distracted by conversations between colleagues in an open-plan office. Even in the home office, noise-canceling headphones help you stay focused without hearing the neighbour's dog barking.
  • Wearing comfort: For long train journeys and concentration at work, comfortable headphones are a must. That's why Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones are available as comfortable on-ear and over-ear models. Thanks to their high-quality and lightweight materials, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them, and the soft pads on the ear cups also ensure first-class comfort.
  • Long battery life: Headphones with active noise canceling technology require a battery to power the circuitry that monitors for background noise. Sennheiser headphones give you the highest sound quality with up to 30 hours of battery life for long-lasting enjoyment.

What is Active Noise Cancellation?

Active noise cancellation works by identifying frequencies of sound in the environment and creating the exact opposite frequencies. These two sets of frequencies cancel each other out so the brain thinks that no ambient noise is present. This technology was first used in headphones in the 1980s to protect the hearing of airplane and helicopter pilots.

How do noise-canceling headphones work?

Headphones with active noise cancellation have built-in microphones that detect the pitch and amplitude of external noise. Then, based on this data, the control electronics adaptively generate the sound in phase opposition so that the sound waves cancel each other out in the immediate vicinity of the ear. The housing of the headphones must also block external noise so that the anti-noise has enough time to reach the ear at the same time. This is why noise-canceling headphones are usually designed as over-ear or on-ear models.

Sound travels through air at 340 metres per second. The processors inside the headphones must therefore perform the necessary calculations in fractions of a second. That's why Sennheiser builds in powerful processors and precise sound transducers. So you can enjoy first-class Sennheiser sound without ambient noise.

The difference between noise-isolating and noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones from Sennheiser are always equipped with active noise-canceling technology. There are also noise-isolating or noise-reducing headphones on the market, which only provide passive noise reduction. Noise-isolating and noise-reducing headphones do not contain the same technology and only protect from ambient noise through the construction of the headphones.

, for example, completely cover the ears and help to block out ambient sound. sit directly in the ear canal, so that users perceive less ambient noise. However, noise-isolating headphones always carry the risk of hearing damage – for example, if listeners turn up their music too loud to mask background noise.

Noise-canceling headphones from Sennheiser

The Sennheiser range features active noise-canceling headphones in a wide range of designs and styles. Whether you choose in-ear, on-ear or over-ear models, Sennheiser’s sound quality, combined with advanced noise-canceling technology, will give you the ultimate listening experience wherever you are. Discover all our models of Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones with noise-canceling technology in our online shop now:

  • MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 Anniversary Edition
  • MOMENTUM True Wireless 2
  • HD 450BT
  • PXC 550-II Wireless
  • MOMENTUM 3 Wireless
  • MOMENTUM 2 Wireless

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