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What is Feedback Prevent Mute?

What is Feedback Prevent Mute?

How feedback prevent mute for TeamConnect Ceiling 2 with TruVoicelift avoids unwanted feedback in meetings

The integrated feedback prevent mute function for TeamConnect Ceiling 2 prevents the occurrence of potential feedback. When an individually adjustable threshold is reached, the microphone is muted for a few seconds to prevent feedback. Threshold and mute time can be individually configured with agile mute. The mute time can be set from 1 to 30 seconds.

Mute interval from 1 to 3 seconds 

In a uniformly loud environment, the feedback prevent mute function is only triggered if there is a sudden increase in volume due to a temporary cause (e.g., clapping, dropping of an object). Here, even a very short mute interval (1-3 seconds) helps to intercept this peak.

Mute interval of up to 30 seconds 

If the speaker volume generally increases during a meeting, for example due to a higher level of background noise, it makes sense to lower the speaker volume for a short time. In such cases, it makes sense to set a longer mute interval of up to 30 seconds.

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