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Sennheiser headphones are durable and made for those on the move—designed to deliver outstanding sound while also being comfortable for extensive wearing periods. A long commute never sounded better!

Sennheiser-quality Sound, On the Go.

Thanks to net-based services, enjoying your favorite music and movies while on the move is easier than ever! That’s why your mobile headphones should sound every bit as good as the ones you keep at home. But, since you use them outdoors, they have to be adequately sturdy and in line with your personal style. Sennheiser has been crafting great headphones for mobile use for a very long time—so you can rest assured that "perfect style" doesn’t only apply to the look.

No matter what “mobile” means for you personally—the bus, the street, or training at the gym—Sennheiser can provide exactly what you need. The portfolio covers everything from full-size circumaural headphones to ultra-lightweight ear-canal phones. Acoustically open or closed—some also available with Bluetooth®. In any case you’ll enjoy the legendary Sennheiser sound.

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Sennheiser Headphones: Portable Music & Entertainment

Wherever you are, your music deserves to be heard in the fullest high-definition quality. Sennheiser headphones make portable listening an outstanding experience, combining luxurious comfort with excellent sound quality to satisfy every audiophile.

Audio on the go with Sennheiser portable headphones

Whether it’s for a long commute, a quick bike ride around town or a relaxing stroll, you need the best sound quality as your travel companion. Sennheiser portable headphones are designed to deliver outstanding listening experiences, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

Portable headphones for active workouts

If your workout needs a soundtrack, you can rely on Sennheiser sports headphones to keep you going for gold. These specially designed sturdy headphones stay comfortably on your head during even the most active workouts.

Your new favorite travel companion: Sennheiser portable headphones

Bring your favorite songs, podcasts and other audio with you on all your travels. Sennheiser travel headphones provide excellent audio on the move and can even keep noisy surroundings at bay with effective noise-canceling technology.

Ultimate audio at home or on the go with portable headphones

Once you’ve heard the superior sound quality of audio equipment, you’ll never settle for less. With Sennheiser portable headphones you can take that cinema-quality audio with you wherever you go.

What to look for in portable headphones?

With so many different headphones to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the ones that fit your needs. Luckily, Sennheiser has a diverse range of portable headphones designed for each unique listening style, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

  • Superior sound quality: Sennheiser has a wide range of headphones with lots of diverse features, but one thing they all share is an uncompromising dedication to quality. No matter how or where you like to listen, you deserve the greatest audio available.

  • Luxurious comfort: Listening on the go means you need portable headphones that fit comfortably and will stay on your head securely throughout your travels. To Sennheiser, that means working with only the best materials for our earpads and headbands that are durable and allow for the most pleasant fit.

  • Dependable batteries: Nothing will ruin your listening experience like running out of battery. Sennheiser portable headphones come with advanced batteries that offer quick charging and long-lasting listening.

With these factors in mind, you know exactly what to look out for in your next headphone purchase. Browse through the wide range of Sennheiser portable headphones and find your new favorite pair.

Sennheiser portable headphones: built for comfort

One of the most important qualities of your portable headphones is that they provide a comfortable listening experience for hours of worry-free audio. But every listener is different and comfort comes in many shapes and sizes.

  • On-ear portable headphones: Resting comfortably on your ears, Sennheiser on-ear headphones are perfect for listening on the go. These portable headphones are lightweight and easy to carry with you on your travels.

  • Over-ear portable headphones: Creating a comfortable space around your ears for high-definition listening, completely cover your ears. These portable headphones are slightly larger than on-ear headphones but still easy to carry around.

  • Noise-canceling portable headphones: To get the most out of any listening experience, it’s important that outside sound stays out. Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones are designed to keep distractions at bay and provide immersive audio on the move.

  • Headsets with microphones: Need a microphone to go with your portable headphones? Sennheiser headsets provide outstanding audio and come with a built-in microphone so you can answer calls, record messages, and communicate in your unique way no matter where you are.

  • Wireless portable headphones: If you don’t want cables getting in your way when you’re on the move, are the ones for you. Just use Bluetooth to connect to any of your devices and let the music take you away.

Whatever comfort means to you, Sennheiser has a pair of high-quality portable headphones to satisfy all your listening needs.

Find your portable headphones at Sennheiser

Sennheiser has developed a wide range of portable headphones with various practical features to match every type of listener. But one feature that comes with every pair of Sennheiser headphones is an unmatched dedication to high-fidelity audio quality. Whether you’re bringing your podcasts with you on a business trip, blasting your tunes during a high-intensity workout or just in need of some music on your daily commute, Sennheiser headphones give you the audio your music and podcasts deserve.

Browse through the Sennheiser selection of portable headphones today and find your new favorite audio equipment.