Hi-res headphones – Experience the best in sound quality

What is high resolution audio?

Listen to your favorite music like you’ve never heard it before – with hi-res headphones. Conventional music listening formats have limits and therefore cannot play the full sound range of most music recordings. But that is all in the past. With Sennheiser hi-res headphones you can enjoy crystal-clear music with 3D sound.

What makes hi-res headphones superior?

High-resolution audio – also called hi-res or high-res audio – is the ability to reproduce the full sound bandwidth of music recordings. The quality is far superior to that of conventional playback formats, such as the CD. High-resolution sound is further defined as recordings with a sampling frequency of 96 kilohertz (kHz) and a sampling depth of 24 bits. By comparison, CD-quality music has a frequency of 44.1 kHz and a sound depth of 16 bits. Sennheiser has built this revolutionary 3D sound technology into its headphones, so that you can enjoy high-quality hi-res audio anywhere, anytime.

What does the bit rate mean for hi-res audio headphones?

The bit rate describes the number of bits, or the amount of data per second, that can be transmitted along a digital network. Therefore, the higher the bit rate, the more of the original sound is transmitted from the music source to your ear. The technology used in the Sennheiser hi-res headphones allows for a particularly high bit rate.

High-resolution audio headphones ensure a breathtaking music experience

High-resolution audio headphones use a technology that delivers audio signals with a far greater dynamic range and bandwidth than a standard CD. This enables you to enjoy all the thrill and excitement of pure, living sound directly to your ears. A sound so breathtaking and vivid that it will cause the hair on the back of your neck stand up – and you to get goose bumps. It will be like hearing your favorite music for the first time, in the same outstanding sound quality as the musicians and sound technicians heard it in the recording studio.

Hi-res audio and Sennheiser quality

To really appreciate high-resolution audio, your equipment must be advanced enough to correctly play the information contained in a high-resolution sound file. And that’s exactly what Sennheiser can do!

We’ve been at the forefront of high-performance audio technology since we were founded in 1945. Our high-resolution headphones and enable you to take advantage of this new technology and to enjoy every last bit of 3D sound. Listen to one of your favorite songs as a high-definition sound file through a pair of our Sennheiser hi-res headphones and regain what has been lost: the music.

The correct data and software to accompany your hi-res headphones

To truly enjoy high-resolution audio, it’s important to ensure an end-to-end solution that doesn’t lose audio quality from software through to hardware. This means you’ll need high-quality audio data as well as an appropriate listening device, such as the Sennheiser hi-res headphones. The following audio formats are high resolution:

  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • ADAC

High-resolution audio: Everything you need to know

Take a look at our infographic about high-res audio below. It will give you all you need to know about the technology that goes into the 3D audio headphones.


Trustworthy quality with Sennheiser hi-res headphones

Sennheiser headphones have been meeting and exceeding the hi-res audio criteria since 1991:

  • We were the first to develop the so-called shotgun microphone
  • We implemented a wireless infrared transmission system
  • We revolutionized the audio industry with our HD 800 S open high-res headphones

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