High-End Headphones

The real art of high-end audio components is to add nothing to and take nothing from the original signal. For all who’d rather have nothing come between them and their music we at Sennheiser have designed some stunning headphones that are almost not there – so you will be glad they are.

The plain truth - Hifi headphones that accept only one reference: the original.

High-end headphones by Sennheiser are first and foremost committed to one thing: the musical truth. Furthermore, they make you forget you even wear them. Because they are so lightweight and comfortable. But most of all, because they channel the sound into your ear in a special way, making you feel as if you were totally engulfed by sound. A sound created by transducers of outstanding quality made of high-tech material, 60 years of experience, and a passion for the perfect.

High-end headphones by Sennheiser fuse uncompromising sound quality and aesthetic design, containing awardwinning technical innovations. For a truly audiophile listening experience we recommend the use of a special Sennheiser headphone amplifier.

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Open acoustic design
Closed acoustic design

Ear Coupling

Over-Ear (Circumaural)
In-Ear (Intraaural)

Wearing Style

Double Sided
  • The IE 300 let you enjoy a high fidelity listening experience. Powered by a refined version of Sennh...
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$ 299.95

plus applicable sales tax – free shipping

  • The HD 560S indulges the audiophile evaluating their music’s entire journey through the audio path. ...
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  • In honor of Sennheiser’s 75th anniversary, enjoy this limited time offer for the renowned closed dyn...
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$ 4,799.95

plus applicable sales tax – free shipping

  • The IE 80 S BT delivers outstanding accuracy and a breathtaking soundstage from a sleek neckband des...
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$ 499.95
$ 499.95

plus applicable sales tax – free shipping

  • This bundle brings together the HD 660 S, Sennheiser’s top-of-the-range, open, dynamic headphones, w...
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