Headsets Made for Home and On the Move

With Sennheiser headsets, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want. But there is more. Thanks to the headphones’ integrated microphone, you can also take calls from your loved ones any time you need. Our high-quality transmission technology ensures that the sound of your voice is carried clearly and without interruption.

We offer a wide selection of headsets suitable for your use at-home and on the move. Discover all the different features and designs of Sennheiser headsets right here.

What is the difference between headset and headphone?

Headsets combine headphones and microphones. The microphone is not always attached and visible, as it is often the case for business communication solutions designed for video conferencing or video calls. Some of the Sennheiser headsets also have an integrated mic located on the headphone cable and a 3-button remote control.
Sennheiser also offers and earbuds with integrated mics. For these models we skillfully integrated the mic directly in the cups of the headphones and in the earbuds. The tiny (but mighty) headset microphone is pointed towards the mouth and can receive and transmit sound neatly and clearly despite the distance and with no disturbance from ambient noise.

The benefits of Sennheiser headsets

Sennheiser headphones with built-in microphones offer sound lovers several perks:

  • Sound quality: When it comes to sound, we do not compromise. Sennheiser headsets deliver an immersive yet balanced sound experience. The headphones offer a deep bass response, while the integrated microphone ensures a clear voice recording.
  • Mobility: No matter whether you are in a noisy environment or on a quiet train, you will enjoy optimal sound. Thanks to flexible connection options for multiple end devices, laptops and smartphones alike, you will be able to communicate easily also on the go. Especially when working remotely, a high-quality headset is essential.
  • Freedom of movement: Sennheiser headsets are made to be flexible. One of our most popular designs for headphones with a microphone includes a detachable single-sided cable. This can be connected and disconnected as required, allowing you to use your headset wireless or wired. This means that your headphones will adapt to you as you change activities between listening to music and making phone calls. Sennheiser's offer also includes wireless headsets that connect to an end-device via Bluetooth. Whether listening to music from the comfort of your couch, or while working on your PC, or on the move with your smartphone, Sennheiser headsets grant you complete freedom of movement.
  • Comfort: Whatever model you choose, Sennheiser headsets are designed for an active lifestyle. Each model is differently but equally comfortable to wear. While our headband headsets with microphones are compact, extremely lightweight and equipped with soft ear pads, to be worn comfortably for many hours on end, our handy in-ear headsets are soft and ergonomically shaped, giving you a comfortable music experience on the move.
  • Design: Sennheiser's design stands out for its elegance and minimalism. Many of our headset models are available in a classic black and white, with a matt or gloss finish  a high-quality look for a high-end tech product.
  • Craftsmanship: Our craftsmanship ensures a brilliant and powerful sound box, but Sennheiser headsets don't just look good, they also feel good. This is due to the materials we use. We don’t use any plastic to make our earpieces, only premium stainless steel. The headset interior is manufactured using our precise shaping technology, which you won't see but you'll definitely hear!

How to identify a headset?

Sennheiser headsets come in three different designs, as do the headphones:

The on and over-ear models are headband headphones featuring an integrated microphone in the earcup. The in-ear headsets also have a built-in microphone located in the small earbuds that sit directly in your ear canal.

What are the different types of headsets?

Top-of-the-range headsets for private use can also be divided into further categories:

  • Bluetooth headsets offer a great deal of freedom of movement. They do not require a cable connection, and with their high transmission standards, they can be moved up to 100 meters away from their end-device with no sound interruption. Look at the details, some headsets allow a connection with up to eight devices simultaneously!
  • Computer headsets are ideal for videocalls or VoIP. They usually have a jack plug to connect the headset to the computer. Wired models ensure a more stable sound transmission than Bluetooth headsets.
  • Smartphone headsets are specifically designed with mobile devices in mind. Thus, they come with the appropriate plug or with the Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile device of your choice without compromising the audio quality.
  • Noise-cancelling headsets are equipped with active noise reduction technology, making them ideal for travel. This technology effectively blocks outside noise, allowing flawless phone conversations even in noisy environments.
  • Gaming headsets come with all necessary features for the perfect gaming experience. This includes a trouble-free connection to any gaming console and comfortable long-time wear. To ensure the highest sound clarity, Sennheiser’s microphone for gaming headsets is usually attached and not integrated.

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Sennheiser’s superior quality headsets for greater mobility

With Sennheiser headphones, your ability to listen and communicate on the go has never been greater. You can enjoy your favorite music wherever you are and remain reachable at all times. Make your phone calls comfortably on the move  and in the highest sound quality. Because sound is our top priority.
Many Sennheiser headphone models have a built-in microphone which gives you the classic, elegant design signature of Sennheiser headphones. But if in doubt, if there isn’t a microphone visible, simply look at the “Technical data” section. If what you’re looking at is indeed a headset with mic, you will find out the audio transmission range of the microphone.
Discover the full range of Sennheiser headsets offer in our online shop and experience Sennheiser’s signature high-quality sound, today!