Hearing aid headsets: Sennheiser assistive listening

Sennheiser’s TV headsets for the hearing impaired and hearing aid users offer the perfect combination of high-fidelity sound and comfort that allows you to relax and recharge. Enjoy the crystal-clear sound of your TV at the volume you need and with the quality you deserve.

TV hearing aid headphones for crisp voice and rich music

People with hearing loss will know that just turning up the volume for everyday activities like having a telephone conversation, listening to music and watching television isn't the best solution for you or those around you. Discover Sennheiser’s advanced assistive listening solutions for TV headsets and headphones now.

If you find yourself constantly reaching for the remote to turn up your TV volume, choose a Sennheiser television-specific assistive listening device. These include:

  • TV hearing aid headphones able to boost the sound through headphones.
  • Hearing aid compatible headsets that stream sound through the hearing aids.

Your hearing needs are individual to you, that’s why Sennheiser’s assistive listening product range doesn’t just include hearing aids but also hearing amplifiers. Check them out now and find the perfect solution to enhance specific frequencies, block out background noise and support you in your everyday conversations.

The benefits of Sennheiser headphones for the hearing impaired

Sennheiser brings all its audio and sound technologies together to deliver the perfect high-fidelity sound to you. Here are all the benefits of Sennheiser headphones for the hearing impaired at a glance:

  • Freedom of movement: all our wireless headphones offer the greatest possible flexibility for at-home entertainment. You can move freely around the house without missing a word of your favorite TV show. The range of Sennheiser TV hearing aid headphones can go up to 100 meters.
  • Sound quality: our TV headphones offer the familiar Sennheiser sound quality that made us renowned worldwide. Enjoy your music to its finest tunes and the high level of speech intelligibility TV voices thanks to noise-cancelling technology that suppresses background noise.
  • Functionality: adjust the volume separately for each ear. All hearing aid headsets are equipped with independent volume controls located directly on the cups. This ensures high customization tailored to you and your needs and the best sound quality for both ears, always.
  • Wearing comfort: Sennheiser’s TV hearing aid headphones are designed to be especially comfortable to enable an extended at home listening experience. The silicone earpieces are soft and shaped ergonomically to sit comfortably and steadily in your ear canal, while the chin piece is lightweight and leaves your hands free. And for the hearing challenged who prefer an over-ear model, the cups of Sennheiser’s TV headsets are designed with the softest non-slip ear pads.
  • Endurance: with Sennheiser TV headphones for hearing impaired you can enjoy music and TV undisturbed for up to 18 hours, thanks to their long battery life. What’s more, the headphones fully recharge in just about three hours.
  • Clarity: Sennheiser TV headphones are suitable for hearing impaired and hearing aid users of all ages. Their functions and remote controls are easy to use, while their buttons are large and clearly labelled.

Different types of headphones for the hearing impaired

People who use hearing aids tend to listen to TV at a volume higher than recommended, and this might become a problem especially if they co-habit. Sennheiser has a solution: hearing aid amplifiers for TV. These assistive listening devices tailor the volume, the sound profile and the speech intelligibility to your needs and can be paired with any wired headset.

Sennheiser hearing aid headphones guarantee a pleasant experience for everyone in the room. The wearer of the hearing aids receives a clear sound through the wireless listening system and can understand the speech, sound effects and music from the TV in its full range, while the rest of the household can do the same at their preferred volume: to each their own.

Let’s have a look at the different types of hearing aid amplifiers and headphones available for your TV.

In-ear hearing aid headphones

An in-ear listening device is first and foremost discreet. Sennheiser developed in ear hearing aid headphones for TV, the earpieces for which sit directly in the ear canal, that include a receiver. The receiver hangs under the chin and connects the two earpieces together.

These in-ear TV hearing aid headphones are also known as stethoset headphones - possibly because they resemble a stethoscope.

Over-ear hearing aid headset

These Sennheiser assistive listening device models also consist of a couple of headphones and an audio transmitter. The receiver/transmitter is compatible with any listening system, digital or analogue, and the headphones are completely wireless for the maximum freedom of movement.

As the design of over-ear headphones constitutes of two comfortable ear cups that completely enclose the ear, Sennheiser over-ear hearing aid headsets actively suppress background noise while delivering a great sound experience that can be independently customized for each ear.

Developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer IDMT, the technology used for Sennheiser TV assistive listening headphones is fully functional when paired with hearing aids. This makes our over-ear headphones ideal for the hearing impaired and hearing amplifiers users.

Discover the full range of TV headphones and hearing aid systems in our online shop now and rediscover the joy of crystal-clear sound!