GZP 10

Mounting plate for antenna with 3/8" thread.
Article No. 003193


Mounting plate for antenna with 3/8" thread. Antenna can be attached directly or via GZG 1029.


  • How do I mount a larger remote mount antenna?

    The larger remote mount antennas (A2003-UHF and A1031-U) by Sennheiser utilize the standard 3/8" and 5/8" threaded connections and so can be mounted on a typical microphone stand.

    NOTE: Antennas should be a minimum of 11 feet apart.

    Alternatively if the antenna needs to be mounted to a surface (wall, ceiling, etc) you can use a mounting bracket like the WM1 or the GZP10 & GZG1029.

    NOTE: Antennas should be mounted at least 24 inches off the wall or ceiling.

    GZP 10 ( #3193 )


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