Twin Wild

The Mathematics of Hype


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They are young, talented and ambitious: Four friends from London aspire to become the Next Big Thing. And although everything goes well for Twin Wild, the newcomers yet have to learn the oldest rule in show biz: You can't calculate success

  • Author: Carlo Roschinsky
  • Photos: Joshua Halling

Four hundred thirty seven seconds.

Maybe you already did the calculation: It is a bit more than seven minutes.

Not a lot of time; a very short time, actually. Enough time, though, as it turns out, to grab the ear of music bloggers throughout the UK and get them excitedly talking about your band. You see, 437 seconds is the combined length of the only two songs by Twin Wild available on the Internet. But it proved enough to get even the great Zane Lowe, legendary BBC radio host, to recommend Twin Wild in his highly influential music show, Radio 1.

So who is Twin Wild? If you ask them about their origins and background, they’ll tell you they are from greater London; sounds much better than Fleet. Fleet — 60 kilometers (roughly 35 miles) west of the British capitol — is famous for not being famous for anything. But who knows, one day Fleet might proudly call itself the birthplace of Twin Wild, and then it might be cool to hail from the same town as this quartett formerly known as The Pyramids.

Their music definitely appeals to the masses. Of course, nowadays that verdict sounds almost offensive. But, honestly, isn’t it a good thing when our arenas and concert halls resound again with inspired, almost spherical rock music? There hasn’t been much going on in that field since the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, and The Killers; do we really have to wait for a Scorpions’ comeback?!

Twin Wild’s rock’n’roll is deeply rooted in Indie music. Their first single, „Fears“, and second, „Another Stranger“, are proof to that. Their sound points to the Arctic Monkeys, the Klaxons, the Foals; particularly the instrumental soli become a fireworks of hommages. In interviews and pictures, Richard Hutchison (vocals), guitarist David Cuzner, bass player Edward Thomas and drummer Imran Mair like to wear buttoned shirts and slim jeans that are almost a bit too tight, typical signs of Indie fashion.

Yet there is more to the band than this autonomous surface. Just listen to these choruses.

Hutchison’s voice goes like whipped cream on top of Cuzner’s meandering riffs. In Indie music, pathos has always been a bit suspicious, but Twin Wild really let go and show a great display of emotions. Clearly, they are not ashamed of sentiment nor even pomp. One can’t help feeling touched by their BIG style. So maybe pathos isn’t so bad after all?

Twin Wild are nice guys, vibrating with optimism and energy. In interviews, they affirm that they are working on new material, but they have not set a date yet for their first album. They still wait for that magical moment. „Only once in your life you have a chance to release your debut, therefore everything must be right“, Hutchison says.

The bigger the hype, the deeper they fall.

„Hardly time for Recording“

Once you release your debut album, all those high expectations ultimately have to yield to facts. The question is how long a band can survive on merely the praises that have been heaped upon two of their songs, their only songs? When will the public awareness (can’t really call listeners fans yet) fade away? On SoundCloud, the online music platform, „Fears“ got 15,000 clicks over night; more than 360,000 all together now. Should Twin Wild wait a bit longer? Should they deliver? Artistically, it can be very intriguing when bands make themselves scarce. Or it can be suicide.

During the last couple of months, the four Brits have been opening acts for You Me at Six and Nothing But Thieves. When not touring, they’ve spent some time in a recording studio. They’re under pressure; they don’t fear their friendship will suffer but are wary their artistic decisions might. Says Hutchison: „Once you make plan B, you tend to forget about plan A. And we really want to write the songs that feel right to us.“

If you ask the singer what the smallest audience was they ever played, he says: „Two homeless guys and a landlord.“ If you ask him where they want to play, he answers cheerfully: „Big halls! Arenas!“

On March 26, 2015, Twin Wild performed to a sold out audience at The Islington club in London — as the main act — for the first time.

You don’t need a calculator to realize that something is nicely adding up here.