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A look backstage: Luciano takes the reader into his life as an internationally renowned dance DJ. His diary – a BlueStage exclusive. This month: Luciano returns to Ibiza, remembers an odd job he worked years ago on the island – and invites you to join him at a party!

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Finally, here we are: Ibiza!! The season is going in full mode, and I’m very happy that the first parties were a bomb!!

What can I say? Ibiza is magic. No matter what, it has a very positive energy and incredible vibes. I remember when I first went there: my friend Ricardo Villalobos introduced me to the island, and when I moved there for some time, I even had a job as a street tattoo artist!! Very fond memories of those days, it was a time when you still could leave your car open and nobody would touch anything…. A place for free spirits, where love and music live together hand in hand, surrounded by stunning landscapes and nature. No wonder why the Hippies loved it in the first place…

Well, anyway: now we are back and we are having a blast. After a few months of intense preparation, it was great to see all our efforts turn into reality and to kickstart Summer 2015 in the best way possible!

After a 2 year hiatus away from clubland, I couldn’t wait to bring back Vagabundos to the island.

The famed Terrace at Space has now become the Vagabundos Room, with new visual styles and new striking scene decors and colours. It is the core of our party and its raving craziness, our nest and our second home for the season, while the Main Room focuses on more underground sounds, all in typical Cadenza style. The Sunset Room opened at 8PM, taking in the night festivities and leading on the dances in high spirits.

And that’s where the fun began this summer: Gianni Callipari got on stage and greeted the Vagabundos 2015 adventure. The Nordstern Basel resident and Cadenza young gun delved right into it with what he can do best: sophisticated house music and smooth grooves to slowly lose yourself to. Argentinian maestro Ernesto Ferreyra went on afterwards: the Chic Miniature guy shone through with his trademark Latin beats and dreamy melodies, with the crowd already feeling the vibes of the night.

My buddy Franco Cinelli did a heck of a warm up job in the Vagabundos room by mixing some infectious and rootsy tracks with some minimalistic percussive tunes as seen on his All Frequencies LP for Esperanza. Âme served up some throbbing big room House and keyboard-infused elegant mid tempo bangers to huge cheers from the crowd.

Myself, I got on stage in top form and nothing short of excited for this new Vagabundos adventure, playing a bunch of Cadenza classics along with unreleased material that I have stored away in the vaults of my studio. The crowd went crazy, with literally everyone on the dance floor bouncing to the rhythms and beats coming out of the speakers.

The Vagabundos dancers and their stunning choreographies made the night even more special: dressed up with clothes exclusively designed by Berlin based fashion lady and good friend of ours Aurelia Paumelle, the girls stood out as a perfect combination to our music, a sexy and kinky mix of sensual moves and beautiful smiles.

Ernesto Ferreyra enjoyed another gig in the same night as he opened the Main Room at 1AM, switching from his relaxed selection in the Sunset Room to more energetic sounds. Valentino Kanzyani stepped in afterwards for old school vinyl sounds, ranging from Detroit classics to the obscure stuff only he knows.

The Destino Official Opening was another big gig we had and it was truly unique. Playing in such a charming and beautiful location is always touching, and the overview on the bay is stunning. Another amazing warm up by Franco Cinelli, and great set also by Germany’s Techno diva Monika Kruse, who played a perfect selection of sunset grooves and pumping rhythms, with the people on the dance floor shaking their bodies to the beats.

Very looking forward to what’s going on in July now: Ibiza is now full of people, and it feels great to have more and more friends coming to have fun with us!! The Vagabundos lineups look amazing, with another Detroit Love bringing into the Main Room some Detroit legends like “Mad” Mike Banks and Robert Hood. Great to have House maestro Erick Morillo joninig us as well!

As for myself, you might have guessed that I’m playing a couple of brand new tracks towards the end of every gig…. Well, lookout for those in the upcoming months, ‘cause they’re gonna blow your mind once I release them!


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