Relax, it's an AVX

Sennheiser' AVX is the wireless and most relaxed way of capturing video sound. The number one choice for every videographer.

Perfect sound you can rely on

The job of a videographer is no cakewalk: As one-man-show without sound recordist he has to make sure, that both – video and audio are always perfectly captured. The new Sennheiser AVX lightens his workload immediately: Once plugged in it instantly takes away the audio part from the to-do-list. From now on videographers can simply rely on perfect sound – and concentrate on what they really love to care about: to film great pictures.

The Oracle

Sometimes videographers have to travel to the most remote locations. In our film the videograph Steve is heading off to a small village to lift the secret of a legendary Oracle: It awakes only once every ten years to predict the future. Legend has it that it foresaw the discovery of America, the first landing on the moon and the invention of the massage cushion. But no one seems to know how old it is.

Will Steve be there when it awakes after 10 long years? What will The Oracle predict? And will Steve be able to capture this critical moment perfectly in sound and vision? This film gives all the answers.


Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range guarantees perfectly levelled sound – no matter whether it’s very quiet or extremely loud. The AVX matches perfectly to the camera’s input sensitivity. Without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone by hand.




TThe AVX plugs directly into the XLR audio input and uses phantom power. It switches on and off automatically with the camera. So it is instantly ready to record and saves battery power when the camera is turned off.



The AVX works faster than the human ear. Before any interferences becomes audible, the AVX selects the best operating frequency and switches to a clean channel. No matter what happens: Perfect audio transmission between the microphone and the camera is guaranteed.



  • What’s so unique with AVX?

    • The ease of use of the system, you don’t have to configure anything and you don’t need to know about RF and audio engineering. The form factor of the receiver is unique and suits cameras. "Bodypack receivers are made for human bodies, not for camera bodies."

  • What is special about the MMD 42-1 capsule?

    • An omni capsule (MMD 42-1) is an often used tool for interview situations. It helps capturing the sound well even when the microphone is not pointing directly at the person being interviewed.

  • Which lavalier mics are compatible to AVX?

    • Please refer to AVX accessory list.

  • Is the output level adjustable?

    • The AF output is adjustable in 10dB steps for 0, -10, -20 & -30 dBu

  • What’s the audio quality and the latency?

    • AVX provides high-quality digital audio transmission with 24 bit/48 kHz sampling. The latency is 19 ms. Speaking in video terms, it’s way less than one frame, thus audio and video are in sync.

  • How can I charge the battery of AVX transmitter and receiver?

    • Charging is easy with the delivery included standard USB-charger or notebook or juice pack etc.

  • What’s the battery lifetime?

    • The transmitters last at least 10 hours, the receiver about 5 hours. BUT: AVX uses adaptive RF power switching. Additionally, it detects phantom power and switches off once the camera is switched off, that saves a lot of power and it will last for the full production day. We’re using Lithium rechargeable batteries with Micro USB connectors. You also can use juice packs such as for your cell phone and charge the receiver during operation.

  • Which RF band is used for AVX, do I need a license?

    • AVX uses the 1.9 GHz band which is license-free, protected, interference-free and future-proof. This band is less crowded than other digital bands and will also be available in the future.

  • How many AVX devices can work in the same environment?

    • For the use in EU we suggest max 12 AVX channels, for the US 8 AVX channels. The only other systems in that frequency range are cordless telephones.

  • How does the transmitter know to switch the frequency?

    • The receiver measures the quality of transmission and initiates seamless switching to another channel for receiver and transmitter.

  • Can I use multiple receivers with the same transmitter?

    • No, it's a point to point link only.

  • Can I use multiple transmitters with one receiver?

    • No, it's a point to point link only.

  • Can I use AVX all over the world?

    • AVX uses a global standard in 1.9 GHz. However, there are slightly different bands for different areas of the world. The U.S. version for example also can be used in Canada and most countries in Latin America. Please check with your dealer for specific information.

  • How far is the reach of the AVX system?

    • In typical video application approx. 30 meters, but in direct line of sight much more.

  • What is the output power?

    • The AVX system is constantly checking the received signal strength of its paired device and adjusts the RF output power if needed to maximize the batterie lifetime.

  • Is the transmission encrypted?

    • Yes, AVX uses AES 256 bit encryption.

  • What if I don’t have an XLR input?

    • There is an XLR to mini jack adapter included for the receiver, as well as adaptors for camera shoe-mounting and a strap-clip.

  • Does AVX replace Sennheiser’s ew-G3?

    • No. AVX has a different target group compared to ewG3 –p. G3 offers more options and flexibility for the professional user with audio and RF background, AVX is for the self-contained videographer who needs to focus on capturing a story.

Further questions?

AVX is the wireless and most relaxed way of capturing video sound. Complete the form today and experience the number one choice for videographers.

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