It was never about headphones

The spirit behind our audiophile development team

Audiophile headphones are also known as high-end headphones. This
is because they’re equipped with state-of-the-art technology to play
music at the highest level of sound quality. Whether at home or on the
go – true sound lovers can enjoy an accurate music reproduction with
Sennheiser’s audiophile headphones.

The goal of Sennheiser´s audiophile headphones

Fortunately, our goal for audiophile headphones isn’t as complicated as the complex technology behind them. We want to achieve perfectly natural and distortion-free sound reproduction. We want the most demanding listeners to forget that they are wearing headphones. This may sound simple, but it’s actually an impossible challenge. And we enjoy tackling it anew every day!

The magic of audiophile sound

To us, headphones are a precision tool. They transport the intention of artists, musicians, and sound engineers. High-end headphones don’t just exist for their own sake. Rather, they’re an expression of a demanding listening culture and an aspiration to pure sound. It’s about the moment you hear the touch of a bow on strings or the tip of the broom stroking the snare drum. It‘s about those moments when a voice, a song, suddenly turns intimate, almost physically tangible down to the fine details of its spatial construction.

Audiophile headphones for a high-fidelity sound experience

Audiophile headphones are state-of-the-art technology that goes far beyond the faithful reproduction of sound. They embody the desire to connect with every beat on the deepest emotional level. Join us on this audiophile’s journey, discover the extensive Sennheiser range of audiophile headphones. Which ones will you choose?

What are audiophile headphones?

Audiophile-grade headphones are capable of reproducing audio with the highest fidelity. Available as in-ear and over-ear models, audiophile headphones are bound to take any audiophile on the sound journey of a lifetime. For pure-audio enthusiasts, any time is a good time to put on audiophile-grade headphones and enjoy…

  • perfect left and right audio balance
  • optimal listening experience in every environment
  • a powerful bass and a brilliant treble
  • all nuances of sound true-to-life thanks to noise-canceling technology

Are audiophile headphones worth it?

Audiophile headphones are made using only high-grade materials and the latest technology. They are designed for a trained ear, able to satisfy any music lover and audio enthusiast, but they can do so much more. Sennheiser audiophile headphones exist at the very intersection of sound and science, they reproduce high-fidelity audio with detailed and richer sound: anybody can tell the difference.

The best audiophile headphones from Sennheiser

Sennheiser’s passion for sound stretches over 75 years of groundbreaking transducer technology. This pursuit of uncompromising and nuanced sound fidelity has produced a catalog of innovative critical-listening solutions.

Over-ear audiophile headphones

Headphones with audiophile sound quality that completely enclose the ears are called over-ear audiophile headphones. These closed dynamic headphones enable sound waves to reach the ear untampered, thanks to a unique transducer system that minimizes echoes, rumbles and buzzes. The soft padding ensures that over-ear headphones sit around the ears with no extra pressure points, granting the most comfortable listening experience.

In-ear audiophile headphones

For the music lover on the go, in-ear headphones provide freedom of movement, but why sacrifice the listening experience? In-ear audiophile headphones are equipped with high-end solutions for outstanding accuracy of sound, delivered directly to the ear canal via perfectly fitted ear tips. Sennheiser in-ear headphones come with high-quality microphones with noise reduction technology that dampens overlapping sounds and prevents unwanted voice peaks. Even the most trained ear won’t be able to tell the difference from a face-to-face conversation.

Bluetooth & wireless audiophile headphones

Audiophile headphones are usually wired models, as cables transmit high-quality sounds with less interference. However, wire-free models can also offer a sophisticated audiophile experience. Wireless audiophile headphones can be connected to the playback device via Bluetooth for seamless useability while also delivering soaring vocals. Each sound performance of the Bluethooth audiophile headphones can be comfortably adjusted at any time via the Smart Control App

The signature Sennheiser sound in every design

For a wider soundstage, audiophile headphones are usually designed with an open back, allowing the sound waves to expand unhindered by echoes typical of closed headphones. But what about the environment sounds disturbing your listening experience?

Open back audiophile headphones

Sennheiser has developed a revolutionary transducer technology, the E.A.R. design (Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement). Featuring a contemporary design that is both attractive and ergonomic, Sennheiser audiophile open back headphones deliver the audio signal directly into your ears. A real treat for all who listen to their music with a sense of discovery.

Closed back audiophile headphones

Closed back audiophile headphones are designed to deliver the legendary Sennheiser signature sound quality to all audiophiles enjoying their music on the go undisturbed by their surroundings. Sennheiser’s closed back headphone models enable high-fidelity sound experience via innovative glass-made transducer covers that reduce echoes and rumbles to a minimum. These unique glass covers add a visually striking feature to the comfort of ear pads for an unparalleled listening experience, in style.

The best audiophile headphones with Sennheiser quality

An audiophile doesn’t compromise. An audiophile’s ears can’t be fooled. Only few companies dare to cater to their fine tastes. Sennheiser’s passion pushes the pursuit of sound quality further and delivers groundbreaking and state-of-the-art products available now in our ever-evolving collection. With the best audiophile headphones, you’ll experience first-hand what a love for art backed up by science can create. Let our sound quality obsession fuel your own.

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