Sennheiser Infrared Systems

Sennheiser infrared systems are ideal for wireless, interference-free secure assistive listening and two channel interpretation for theaters, houses of worship, courtrooms, conferences and much more!


Sennheiser infrared systems are ideal for wireless, interference-free secure assistive listening and interpretation for theaters, houses of worship, courtrooms, conferences and much more! With their unique amplitude and frequency modulation process, Sennheiser infrared systems offer high-quality, dependable audio with single, dual or stereo operation. Sennheiser IR systems can be modeled in EASE design software.



Sennheiser IR systems are ideal for single-channel systems for assistive listening or two-channel language translation systems. Care must be taken to consider the room's dimensions and layout (including balconies and side rooms).



Consider an infrared emitter as a light source. Panels must be selected in the appropriate size and quantity as per the square footage of the room in which the system will be used. Sennheiser emitter panels all contain the ability to daisy chain multiple panels together to cover wide or odd-shaped rooms. Our emitter panels also feature automatic gain control so that there is no loss of signal in a multi-panel array or configuration.



Sennheiser offers the ability to mount emitters on a variety of ceiling or wall mounts. Smaller emitters such as the SZI30 can even be assembled in an array to create a longer throw or wider spread of the IR beam. When selecting an appropriate position for your emitters, keep in mind that they should be placed in a manner to provide even illumination throughout the room. They should be mounted high (generally 10-14 ft.) pointing down towards those wearing receivers. If emitters are placed on both sides of an altar they should be aimed diagonally across the room. Except in rare occasions, any number of panels can be placed in a room without concern of interference between panels. For assistance or more information on infrared transmission systems, please contact your Sennheiser sales representative.


The main components of an IR System:

Audio Frequency to Radio Frequency
This part of the system is comprised of a rack-mounted device that will receive audio signals from the Public Address or sound system. Audio signals are superimposed onto a carrier frequency and travel by coaxial cable to the Emitter.

Radio Frequency to Infrared Light
This device and its wall or ceiling mounting hardware are placed in the room where assistive listening is needed. The signal from the Modulator is converted to invisible light by the emitter's LEDs. This transmits the audio signal to the Receiver.

Infrared Light to Audio Frequency
The receiver section is comprised of a stethophone (headset worn under the chin) or a bodypack receiver with headphones, its rechargeable battery and the battery charger. Here the light from the emitters is converted back to sound for the listener.

Audio Frequency to Infrared Light
For smaller rooms or portable applications, Sennheiser offers transmitters that combine a modulator and emitter into one device. Here audio frequencies are converted to infrared light directly. Some transmitters facilitate simple set-ups for small boardrooms. Other transmitters include features that make temporary installations simpler.

ADA Compliance

What you need to know

  • If the start date for construction is on or after March 15, 2012, facilities must comply with the 2010 Standards.
  • Assistive listening systems must be provided in assembly areas in which audible communication is integral to the use of the space.
  • Assembly areas that are required to offer assistive listening systems must provide at least two receivers. Learn more

EXEMPTIONS: Houses of worship, private clubs and employee work areas that are not accessed by the public are EXEMPT from ADA Guidelines but still need to comply with state guidelines.

Movie Captioning and Audio Description Final Rule
On November 21, 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed a Final Rule revising the Justice Department’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) title III regulation to further clarify a public accommodation’s obligation to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services for people with disabilities.

The Final Rule requires movie theaters to:
(1) Have and maintain the equipment necessary to provide closed movie captioning and audio description at a movie patron’s seat whenever showing a digital movie produced, distributed, or otherwise made available with these features;
(2) Provide notice to the public about the availability of these features; and
(3) Ensure that theater staff is available to assist patrons with the equipment before, during, and after the showing of a movie with these features.

Title III of the ADA requires public accommodations, including movie theaters, to provide effective communication through the use of auxiliary aids and services. This rulemaking specifies requirements that movie theaters must meet to satisfy their effective communication obligations to people with hearing and vision disabilities unless compliance results in an undue burden or a fundamental alteration.

Link to ADA Final Rule


ADA Tech Helpline: (800)-514-0301
ADA Website
ADA Standards(Note:Section 219 covers Assistive Listening)
Access Board (Note: Access Board is the Federal Agency that develops ADA Guidelines)
Section 508 (Note: This outlines the Electronic & Information Technology Guidelines for the ADA)

Get up to $15,000 back in tax credits and deductions
When used to accommodate ADA guidelines, products can be partially paid for in the US with a tax credit of up to $5,000 for small businesses or a tax deduction of up to $15,000 for any size business. In certain instances, the tax savings can cover a significant portion of the purchase.

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