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Artist Spotlight: Seven Kingdoms
SEVEN KINGDOMS released their first independent record in 2007, “Brothers Of The Night”. Since then, the Floridian Power Metalers have released 6 pressings in their 12 year careers, independently and in conjunction with Napalm Records. Seven Kingdoms has toured North America and Europe with bands like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Amaranthe and Evergrey and supported shows of Sabaton, Queensryche, Doro, Kamelot, Jon Oliva and many more. Seven Kingdoms brand of Power Metal brings speed, melody and soul in rock-solid delivery in the new EP, Empty Eyes.

2007: Brothers Of The Night
2009: Seven Kingdoms
2012: The Fire Is Mine
2016: In The Walls EP
2017: Decennium
2019: Empty Eyes EP
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