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And develop the future of audio.

The shift from a more product-oriented, engineering and hardware-driven business to a digital-minded, ecosystem-driven business, that masters the combination of hardware, software and services in new ways to create delightful holistic experiences is in full swing.

That’s why we at Sennheiser are looking for IT specialists and especially software developers who are driven by purpose and pride in a strong brand.
To achieve that, we offer inspiring work in a family of true audio enthusiasts for a brand that matters. The opportunities to build a career with us are as varied as our employees. But we all share a passion for software solutions that make impact and for that reason we give room to realize your ambitions and the chance of being part of a team that lets you try, fail and be your true self.
To make it happen, we rely on our true culture of innovation that pushes the boundaries of audio everyday – we like to be at the top of our game.

Typical areas of work include software developing & programming, analyzing, testing, but also web designing or software engineering & embedded software engineering.

»A new way of working«

The Sennheiser Business Communication team has a clear and ambitious vision: To develop the next generation of audio solutions for efficient and reliable team collaboration regardless of location. Major progress has already been made with products such as the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software for controlling and monitoring microphones and the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 conference room microphone for ceiling installation.

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Interested in working for us?

Interested in working for us?

If working in IT for Sennheiser sounds like something you would enjoy, find and apply for an open position now more