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We at Sennheiser truly believe that there needs to be a shift from a more process and management-oriented organization that values true experts to an organization that collaborates in new ways – more agile, more connected, more diverse, more open and in need for experts with a broad skillset beyond their competencies.

That’s why we are looking for development engineers who are driven by purpose and pride in a strong brand.
To achieve that, we offer inspiring work in a family of true audio enthusiasts for a brand that matters. ​
The opportunities to build a career with us are as varied as our employees. But we all share a passion for cutting-edge audio solutions and for that reason we give room to realize your ambitions and the chance of being part of a team that inspires you in a creative working environment. ​

To make it happen, we have a future-oriented work environment that creates the conditions for your success – to give you the pride of tangible results that impact millions of people.​

Typical jobs available are, for example, Developing Engineers for Digital Signal Processing Transmission Technology / Audio Technology / High-Frequency Design, System Testing Engineers, Mechanical & Electronical Engineers but also Production and Process Engineers or Packaging Development Engineers.

»The master of dynamic microphones«

The music industry is a very important and lucrative sales market for microphones. Sennheiser successfully gained a foothold with its evolution range of microphones. “However, this was Sennheiser’s third or fourth attempt to manufacture microphones that were both inexpensive and reasonable quality,” clarifies Heinz Epping, head of the Dynamic Microphones Development department.

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»The sound of evolution«

“When a mechanic hears that sound, his heart fills with joy,“ declares Manfred Kürbis. We are observing the fully automated production line for the evolution series of dynamic microphones, affectionately known as the Evo Line or Evo. The equipment fills an entire room at the Sennheiser headquarters in Wedemark near Hanover. It fills the space both physically and acoustically.

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»Home is where the sound cocoon is«

As he was listening to music with his headphones, Ralf Dressel began to wonder: “How could I recreate this sound in a live environment? With speakers perhaps?” Ralf, who has always loved to experiment with both music and technology, couldn’t get the idea out of his mind. Hence, the idea for a sound cocoon was born.

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Interested in working for us?

Interested in working for us?

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