Professional Systems Division

What we do for our customers

Professional customers from the audio industry find in our Professional Systems division the perfect partner for demanding technical solutions. Professional Systems embraces Professional Audio, Live Sound, Studio and Professional Headsets.

Our products can be found on Broadway in New York, at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London and at recording studios all over the world where the sound of the future is being created. Our professional sound reinforcement systems give audiences the ideal brilliance of sound they are looking for. At concerts, trade fairs and other major events – wherever large numbers of people come together to listen to something – our authentic and technically advanced systems are in use.

All over the world stars like Pink, Seal, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Celine Dion rely on our expert technology. Tone technicians worldwide rely on the outstanding transmission fidelity of our products. Across the entire cultural spectrum we stand for technical brilliance when it comes to musicals or operas. Radio, television and film studios worldwide count on our expertise, our customer service and our passion for excellence. And our air-traffic control applications ensure that flight controllers and pilots can communicate safely and without interference.

What motivates us

We offer our employees creative latitude for development, encouraging them to find innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Right up to the present our innovative inspiration, curiosity and passion have made our products and services outstandingly successful. This is why, for a medium-sized business, we invest more than average amounts in research and development. So with every development our engineers can branch out on new paths – making use of valuable ideas and experience acquired through their many years of research.

At Sennheiser, thinking knows no limits. Take as an example our development of a professional digital radio microphone system. In the course of 15 years of research, we repeatedly had the courage to reject ideas completely and start again from scratch – until the sound quality was ‘as good as it gets’. We were rewarded for this in 2008 by a nomination for the German Future Prize.

What makes us special

We are successful because we drive the pace of innovation and insist on quality and excellence. We are able to do this because we work in close partnership with global stars to create the perfect sound. First-class service, intensive market research and the professional customer support provided by our highly specialised teams have given us an outstanding understanding of our customers’ needs.

Wherever our professional customers are to be found, our specialist teams are on hand to help 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Together with our local partners, our Global Relations team supports top-class events, companies, artists, tone technicians and equipment hire companies. Our Global Application team is there to help our customers configure, program and commission their Sennheiser systems sometimes by hosting useful practical workshops. Anywhere in the world, and across all international borders. We want our customers and partners to benefit from their association with us.

Our expertise is something we share with our customers. Intensive testing, in co-operation with the customer, results in the acquisition of shared skills and standards of quality. Our customer support is no less outstanding than our technology – worldwide individual service addressing the needs of our clients and active round the clock.

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Sennheiser At A Glance

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