Consumer Electronics Division

What we do for our customers

We are the scientists of sound. We are sound artists, transforming sound waves into electrical signals without losing anything, and reconverting digital signals back to analogue to give unadulterated listening pleasure. We make it possible for you to hear the pianist’s fingers on the ebony keyboard, the breath of the pop star on the microphone and the voices in the crowd when the audience screams. Our headphones and microphones are constantly extending the limits of the audible, as we tirelessly explore the peripheral areas of the perfect sound.

Sound quality, wearing comfort and lifestyle are the foundations of our activities. Headphones for private customers, and audiology and telecommunication products, are our business. Technology at the cutting edge of the feasible, in a sophisticated design for demanding customers – that is our goal.

The Sennheiser Consumer Electronics Division stands for important product innovations, which couple outstanding technology with the lifestyle requirements of our customers. ‘Perfected sound and uncompromising quality make Sennheiser headphones and headsets an experience,’ says Peter Callan, President Consumer Electronics Division. ‘Comfort, safety, reliability and quality are the principal criteria for the success of our products.’

Our strategic objective is to shape the future of the audio industry. Because we know how perfect sound can be recorded, we also know how it can be perfectly reproduced. Our intelligently designed equipment is supremely comfortable as well as easy to use. We pay attention to the tiniest detail. The headband of our HD 800, for example, is layered out of different materials, in order to prevent resonance migrating from one earphone through the headband to the other.

What motivates us

Our most demanding customers are music lovers in the upmarket sector – purists and perfectionists with a passionate love of detail. A high standard of wearing comfort, a minimal level of vibration and fidelity to detail in frequency ranges which actually lie beyond the limits of the human hearing threshold – these are some of the requirements of our ‘audiophiles’. We are happy to live up to their high standards on a daily basis with our passionate commitment to excellence.

Our important customers also include professional DJs, who conjure up intoxicating sounds at their clubs with help of our top-quality equipment. In the travel sector, Sennheiser’s active noise suppression system NoiseGard™ offers untrammelled listening pleasure when you are on the move or in noisy environments – for travellers, commuters and people who fly frequently. Sporting types use the headphones of the Sennheiser sports line for the powerful sound that will maximise their performance. Computer users and gamers will also find that we offer the ultimate sound quality for multimedia applications.

In technological terms, our telephony products are already anticipating a near future where conversations over the internet or via computer networks (VOIP) will have become a standard. Our sophisticated business solutions offer firms complete sound mobility. Our hearing systems and amplifiers make life easier for the elderly and hard of hearing, as well as for their families.

What makes us special

We operate the most modern production line for headphones worldwide – and it is not in Asia but in Europe. With the help of our first-class service and our market research, we are constantly striving to develop a unique understanding of our customers’ needs. Our global team works round the clock, at four sites in Europe and Asia, to ensure that no trend and no customer preference pass us by.

We are successful because we set the pace of innovation and insist on quality and excellence. This means not just developing innovations, but setting trends and building on them.

Excellence can only succeed when you have the perfect team. Technical innovations and outstanding design on their own are not enough. This is why Sennheiser Consumer Electronics has a Customer Service department which is no less exceptional than our products. So the satisfaction of our customers motivates us constantly to new levels of achievement.

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